Kun's Hundredth

Sergio's header on Newcastle marked his 100th goal on the Premier League, securing a place among the exclusive club of the handful of players who've reached three figures in the League. Kun required 147 matches to get to that milestone. That makes him the second most efficient player in this respect, second only to Alan Shearer's 124 matches. Sergio's 100 goal tally is made up by 74 right-foot and 19 left-foot finishes, plus 7 headers. 59 of these were made at home, while 41 were scored away. 85 came from shots within the box (with 13 penalties among them) and 15 from outside. If his scoring total is counted among all of his Manchester City's engagements, the goal total ascends to 134, placing Sergio in the top 10 goalscorers in City's history. In addition, Kun stands as the player with the best goal/minutes played average in history (110), placing him above players such as Thierry Henry and Rud Van Nistelroy. For this occasion, and to commemorate his 100th Premier League goal, the club has made a special video to celebratre: 100 goals in 100 seconds. A wonder to behold.

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