A Dream Realized!

After twenty months of continuous work, Kun and Gabriel Milito have inaugurated the high-performance Training Centre they had conceived, financed and built at the facilities of Independiente FC located in the outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires. What had began as an idea has become a reality. Sergio and Gabi had a dream - to be able to express their gratitude to the football club where took them in and provided a place for them to grow. After finishing the planning stage, they began to work on bringing the project into fruition on November 2014, starting construction of the high-performance Training Centre meant for the senior squad. "We're very happy to have seen this through, it's a great pride. To us, it's a way to give back to the club that gave us everything already. We're extremely satisfied with what we accomplished - it's an asset for all the members of the family of Independiente FC, and for anyone who joins us in the future. It's our way to acknowledge all we have to be thankful for", said Kun. Gabi Milito, who has recently become the manager of the senior squad, shared a similar sentiment during the inauguration of the facilities. "We first started looking to do something simpler, and little by little, this ideal grew into something bigger. Why? Because this team has provided for us in many ways, opening its doors for us since we were very young. But ultimately it's because we just felt we had to do this to express our gratitude." The brand new Training Centre covers 1100 square meters, distributed across two levels and with two separate sections. On the ground floor, one of the sections comprehends the gymnasium, the dressing rooms, the kinesiology rooms and a Spa, equipped with a sauna and two pools, one with hot water and the other one with cold. Props and training equipment is stored in this section. In the second section of the ground floor, the manager has access to a dressing room, an office, a press room and a laundry room. One of the sections on the upper floor has bleachers to watch the team's training exercises and a multi-purpose room. The last remaining section - located above the manager's area - was fitted with a cafeteria, overlooking the training fields. As of today, the Villa Dominico facilities of Independiente FC hosts one of the most unique training centres in Argentina, on par with the largest teams in the world.

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