Kun, ranked 11th worldwide

The Guardian has published a rating with the top 100 players of 2016. Sergio is ranked 11th and his teammates Kevin De Bruyne and David Silva appear ranked 13th and 44th respectively. As for other Argentinean players, Leo Messi ranks second before Cristiano Ronaldo, and Gonzalo Higuain is 14th. The journal created this rating by polling 124 experts from among 45 countries. These are the top 15 players:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo 2. Leo Messi 3. Luis Suárez 4. Antoine Griezmann 5. Neymar 6. Gareth Bale 7. Robert Lewandowski 8. Aubameyang 9. Alexis Sánchez 10. Riyad Mahrez 11. Sergio Aguero 12. Luka Modric 13. Kevin De Bruyne 14. Gonzalo Higuaín 15. Andrés Iniesta

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