A day I'll never forget

Kun received a hero's welcome in the build-up for the match against Arsenal after becoming the top goalscorer in Manchester City's history. There was an award ceremony, a giant banner displayed from the rafters, and a tribute to the past champions of the club. On the Champions League match against Napoli, Kun became the topgoalscorer in Manchester City's run with 178 goals. Sergio had recently matched Eric Book's tally of 177 goals – obtained in his run from 1927 to 1939 –, to then surpass Eric's mark. Kun's position as one of Manchester City's great idols in history was fully acknowledged before the match against Arsenal, as other star Citizens like Shaun Goater, Colin Bell, Niall Quinn, David White and Uwe Rösler awaited for Sergio outside the dugout. They were joined by players from the youth divisions such as Dennis Tueart, Johnny Crossan, Brian Kidd, Mike Sheron, Darius Vasell and the new U-21 World Champion Phil Foden. Afterwards, Eric Brook's daughter handed Sergio an award for his achievement. It was a blue-glass boot on the emblem of Manchester City, around which each of his goals is noted. On the front side of the trophy, the Argentinian player's name is written out. Mike Summerbee, one of the club's historic figures, also took part of the event. A new mosaic displaying Kun's goal on Queen's Park Rangers on 2012, created by local artist Mark Kennedy, was unveiled. That was the goal that gave Manchester City's its first title in 44 years. "I have no words to thank everyone at Manchester City for their affection in a day I'll never forget", Sergio posted on his Twitter account. To cinch the affair, Kun scored a penalty on Arsenal to obtain a partial 2-0 score. Once City took the game 3-1, the celebrations were total.

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