"Better by the Day"

Those were Kun's words as he continues his recovery, fifteen days after undergoing an arthroscopy in Barcelona. He posted this statement on social media, where he also shared a video with the daily evolution of his exercises leading up to his return to Manchester to celebrate the Premier League title with the rest of the team. Pep Guardiola had teased it during the press conference before the Huddersfield match, when asked about Sergio's condition: "He'll be in top shape for the World Cup." It wasn't too long afterwards when Kun shared his recovery process and showed himself with very high spirits during the first stage of the treatment in Spain. Sergio returned to Manchester for the ceremony where Manchester City would hold their brand-new Premier League trophy. The club kicked off the festivities after their draw with the Terriers. First, they gave out the individual awards and then they received the Cup while Etihad's crowds roared with joy and enthusiasm to greet the new accolade.

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