"Happy 30th"

Sergio had his 30th birthday while training with Argentina's national squad for the 2018 Russia World Cup. His team-mates prepared a celebration for the event, and he spent the rest of the day with part of his family that came to visit him at Barcelona. It was a special day for Sergio. On Saturday evening, the congratulations started rolling in, as the time difference gave his Argentinian friends and family a head-start. On Sunday, the rest of the team and the staff of Argentina's national outfit was there to celebrate with him. They brought in a comedian to put on a show as the traditional birthday cake was rolled in. People on social media were abuzz with messages for Kun on his birthday. Sergio thanked everyone through his own social media accounts, also revealing he spent the rest of the day with his mother, Adriana, and his two brothers who came to Barcelona to support him as he continues his training.

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