"We're geared up"

As Kun continues to prepare for the Russia World Cup with Argentina's national outfit in Barcelona, he sat for an interview with Spanish sports show El Chiringuito. Sergio talked about the team's excitement as the world's greatest international tournament draws near. He was also asked about his season with City, his relation with Pep Guardiola, and his last days playing for Atlético de Madrid in 2011. On the national team: "The events of the last World Cup are still in our minds, but we're geared up for what's to come." On Manchester City: "My relationship with Pep is pretty good. I do my job, and so does he. I'm very happy with how the season shaped up. Luckily, so is the FC with me, and viceversa. I look forward for seeing my contract to term." On his departure from Atletico: "Some people saw it as controversial. My idea was to get a change of pace. Maybe it wasn't the right way to leave – that's on me. But you learn from your mistakes. When I took off, many out there were mad at me, but I know I gave it all for Atletico. I made a decision, and as luck would have it, my move to City was very prosperous. Right now, my mind's on the World Cup, and soon after, I'll be focused on Man City."

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