Kun: Making History, Once More

After scoring on Southampton, Sergio has reached a 150 goal tally on the Premier League. This makes him the 9th player that has achieved this milestone ever, but Kun's scoring average is the highest among all of these players, with 0.68 goals per match. He's also the 3rd player to have reached this mark playing for the same team. Sergio was able to break this record in 217 matches, being only surprassed by Alan Shearer's 212 match showing. However, Sergio is the only South American player among the select few who've achieved this feat. Kun has played 217 games for Manchester City on the Premier League, and the 150 goals he scored throughout this period are distributed as follows: 109 with his right foot, 27 with his left, and 14 headers. The top goalscorer of the Premier League ever is Shearer himself with 260 goals, followed by Rooney (208), Andrew Cole (187), Lampard (177), Henry (175), Fowler (163), Defoe (162), while Sergio and Owen are tied at 8th place with 150 each.

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