Among the World's Best

The Guardian and Four Four Two magazine, two of the most renowned publications worldwide, have placed Kun among the top players worldwide in the 2018 ranking. The magazine places Sergio in the 12th spot, while The Guardian ranks him 15th among 100 players. Once more, Kun stands alongside the world's best footballers. In its annual top 100 ranking, Four Four Two magazine ranks him 12th, just below David Silva (11th) and just past Kanté (13th). The ranking is topped by Messi (1st), Ronaldo (2nd) and Mbappé (3rd). The Guardian places him as the 15th top footballer, between Luis Suárez (14th) and Pogba (16th). Their survey places Modric at the top playerworldwide, followed by Ronaldo and Messi respectively. De Bruyne, Sergio's Man City teammate, stands on the 8th spot.

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