Kun smashes new records

Since his arrival to the Premier League in August 2011, Sergio stands as the most prolific scorer against the Big Six - with 37 goals to his name. No other player has come close to this mark - Harry Kane, his closest equivalent, scored 21 times against the Big Six, and Rooney 20 times. Van Persie follows with 18 and Hazard with 17. Kun's considerable headway in this front makes him one of the most lethal giant-slayers in the league. Additionally, his goal yesterday gives Sergio a statistical edge, having scored as many times against Liverpool as matches played against them - Kun stands at 7 for 7. His meteoric finish on the far corner of Allison's goal allowed Kun to raise his Premier League goal tally to 153. Accounting for his 23 goals for Independiente and 74 for Atlético de Madrid, Sergio's goal total in senior divisions adds up to a neat 250 goals.

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