Hats Off to Kun!

The Daily Mirror has published a list of the top 50 Premier League players of the last decade, with Sergio sitting atop the list as Top Player of the Decade. Kun was just ahead of his fellow Citizens, David Silva and Vincent Kompany, and of Eden Hazard and David De Gea, completing the top 5. The British newspaper cemented Sergio's claim for the top spot citing his impressive 172 goal record for the Premier League, the 4 League titles that Manchester City was able to win during his tenure, and that Kun was the person responsible for the most dramatic moment of the modern football era, with the nail-biting goal on QPR on 2012 that marked an end to a 44 year title dry-spell for Manchester City. The Daily Mirror redacted this list by taking into account player longevity and amount of accolades received – including League titles, PFA Player of the Year awards, Golden Boots, and so on.

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