Kun – the decade's Premier League Iconic Player

More accolades are coming Sergio's way. This time, from the BBC itself – after polling its users, Sergio was chosen as the decade's Iconic Player for the Premier League with a qualified majority 26% of the vote tally. He was heads and shoulders ahead of James Milner, the runner-up, with 12%, and James Vardy, who held the third place with 11%. Sergio has scored 173 goals and 45 assists in 251 games played in the Premier League. He stands as the Citizens top goalscorer in history. No other player in the Big Five leagues has a better scoring average than Sergio's 76 minutes per goal ratio. Kun has won 9 titles for Manchester, of which 4 are Premier League trophies. His first was the 2011/2012 season on the year of his debut for the team, crowned by that historic goal on QPR on 93'20" of the second half – casting out a 44-year dry spell for Manchester City. In the past 5 seasons, Kun has scored at least 20 goals in each, holding the top scorer position for his team every single time.

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