Sergio is the Top Signing of the Decade of the Premier League

After being recognized by the BBC as the Iconic Player of the Decade for the Premier League, now it's the Daily Mail's turn to heap praise on Kun, naming him the Signing of the Decade. Sergio nabbed the first place, overcoming renowned players such as Kante, Silva, Van Dijk, Robertson, Van Persie, Hazard, Suárez and De Gea, among others. The Daily Mail lists Sergio's feats to justify the accolade - his 244 goal tally, his historic goalscorer position at City, and the 4 Premier League titles under his belt. The Mail dubbed him "the most ruthless striker" in the League's history, highlighting his last-minute goal on QPR as the biggest moment in the Premier League to date, and branding Sergio the best pick-up of the League ever.

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