Daily Mirror: Kun in Premier League's Historic Top 10

British newspaper Daily Mirror has ranked the top 10 best players in Premier League history – and Sergio stands among them. According to the publication, "Aguero produced one of the most iconic moments of the Premier League ever, with the thrilling goal on QPR in 2012." The article also highlights that Aguero is the foreign player with the highest goal tally at 180 total. Kun ranks 9th in the top 10, with Ryan Giggs sitting in first place. The full ranking: 1- Ryan Giggs 2- Thierry Henry 3- Cristiano Ronaldo 4- Roy Keane 5- Eric Cantona 6- Paul Scholes 7- Alan Shearer 8- Wayne Rooney 9- Sergio Agüero 10- Frank Lampard

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