"Getting back on my feet"

Streaming on his Twitch account, Kun shared more about how his knee injury took place, shared details about the medical treatment in Barcelona, and explained what will be the next steps in his recovery. These are some highlights of the stream:

On the injury "I tried to lean into the ball, but I felt a pain in my knee and fell down. When I looked up to the stadium screen, it was saying they were reviewing a possible penalty. I wasn't quite sure what had happened. Had someone kicked me? I thought I had caught the injury on my own. The physician examined me, I tried to jog back to take the penalty – and that's when I noticed there was no way I could do it. I heard a noise from my knee, not a crack but more like a clicking sound. Just like typing on a keyboard."

On the surgery "It was over pretty quick. I was injured on a Monday and by Tuesday, I had a scan done in Manchester City's facilities and it revealed I had tore something in my knee. On Wednesday, I flew to Barcelona and there, Dr Ramon Cugat examined, and scheduled a surgery for one hour later. Everything went swimmingly – I'm very happy it wasn't a more serious ordeal."

On the recovery "I can't speak with total certainty about what's next, but so far so good. The surgery went well – now, I'll stay in Barcelona for a few more days to recover. I'll do therapeutic exercises to regain my strength and muscle mass, taking longer walks... and then I'll rejoin the team in Manchester. To be sure when I'll be able to get back into the field, I'll have to see how my knees evolve in the next 10 days. A lot of factors come into play, it may be a month, a month and a half, or maybe two. The timeline is not set in stone."

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