Introducing Krü - Kun's e-sports squad

On his Twitch stream, Sergio finally launched the project he has been working on for the past few months - Krü, an e-games team that Kun will lead as CEO. The project plans to bring the traditional pro sports experience to video games and new digital media.

As Krü's official site explains: "through Krü, we aspire to form a working team and family that is passionate about video games - not just the players and the contents, but all its staff and the community it will foster too. We will add our own signature to e-sports, in professional, sporting and commercial aspects for one side - and with the express aim to destigmatize socio-cultural preconceptions about gaming. Krü, headquartered both in Argentina and Barcelona, will look to bridge different regions. We will set no boundaries for our ambitions. We will foster the growth of our players, trainers, analysts, managers and streamers with the tools they require to develop and show the whole world their potential."

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