Defeating Brazil 1-0 in the iconic Maracana Stadium, Argentina dispelled a streak of 4 Copa America finals without a victory, standing as 2021 Champions. The wild revelry that the final whistle unleashed saw the whole roster and staff jump into an endless celebration. Leo Messi was front and center of it all, accompanied by other mainstay figures like Kun, Otamendi and Di Maria – who authored the superb victory goal. Around them, a new generation of players who devoted their talent and effort to bring this new achievement for the Albiceleste.

The game played out like a true final match – both teams fighting tooth and nail, minimizing any possible window of error. The ball had been gridlocked in the midfield, and just as the scales were tilting in Argentina's favour, a heat-seeking floater by De Paul – possibly the MVP – reached PSG's Di Maria, threatening the net. Renan Lodi failed to clear the ball, and 'Fideo' Di Maria regained control of it, and chipped the ball past a powerless Ederson.

With the 1-0 scoreline, Brazil went gung-ho for the equalizer, but Argentina's defensive line continuously foiled their efforts, preventing any true danger to goalposts of 'Dibu' Martinez. Brazil crept forward as the minutes advanced, and allowed Argentina a number of occasions to get further ahead. The fierce battle climaxed after the 5th minute of overtime ended, and the final whistle brought Leo Messi to his knees. The whole team poured on top of him, releasing an avalanche of emotion and triggering a celebration in the grass of Maracana that will see no end.

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