Kun hits the airwaves

Last Tuesday, Sergio participated as a special guest of popular Spanish radio show "El Hormiguero", broadcast by Antena 3 and hosted by Pablo Motos. During the interview, he discussed his trajectory as a player, retirement, life after pro football, Twitch streams, golf - his new passion -, and the upcoming Champion's League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool.

The show's ratings spiked during Kun's appearance – taking 15.5% share of listeners, over 2,2 million simultaneous listeners, and more than 4,85 million people listened to the interview.

Some highlights:

On the arrhythmia

"I started to feel off during the preseason – I had headaches, I started to feel hot all of the sudden, I was constantly discomforted. I didn't feel well even while resting after the injury. My head felt very heavy... Once during training, I became abruptly lightheaded and began choking – then my heart started racing. The tests came out fine so it was alright. However, when we faced off against Alaves, I jumped for a header and I felt my throat go shut. I wanted to cry out to the ref but I couldn't. I became anxious and I grabbed one of the defenders and asked him to stop the match. After that, the physios said I should sit out the match. At that time I thought: 'Bloody hell, I'm going to die.' I thought I was going to kick it then and there. I didn't want to gamble my life away."

On the Champion's League final

"It'll be tough, but Real Madrid is favoured. They're more experienced in finals, but they've also got to this point in better shape... Liverpool commands respect – and they know Madrid are going to be tricky opponents. But honestly, I don't particularly care about who takes the trophy."

On streaming:

"I started two years ago, mostly just goofing around. I don't do it for the money. I was telling my followers not to subscribe – I didn't need the money, but they kept doing it. So I told them they could do as they pleased."

On golfing:

"I've had a teacher for about a month and I'm doing quite alright. Today, I played with older gents – their handicap was lower than mine but I ended up winning anyway. My handicap was 23, so I asked a friend of mine and he said that it'd be 17 by next week."

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