Kun's Look at the Champions League Draw

Sergio livestreamed the draw for the group stage of the Champions League on his Twitch channel.

With trademark cheekiness, Kun made an aside after glancing at the grueling group composed by PSG, Benfica, Juventus and Maccabi Haifa, addressing Benfica's Nicolas Otamendi directly. Taking note that the Portuguese team is facing Messi's French side, Sergio went off prompt to warn Nicolas: "You better not lay a finger on Leo! World Cup's coming up, Ota!" Soon after, he noted the match-up between Benfica and Di Maria's Italian ensemble, and Kun went back at it: "Not Fideo too! For crying out loud! Otamendi is making this look grim. Hm, this is going to be spicy. And Otamendi's the captain too..."

Sergio also spoke of Julian Alvarez goal on Barcelona, during last Wednesday's friendly game, scoring after the former River Plate scorer capitalized on a mistake by the opposing goalie. "Not everyone would have been there... Obviously, this was on the goalkeeper, when the ball goes far up, you know they're gonna grab it so you don't run up but... Julian's so stubborn, so obnoxious, that even if the ball is looping above the moon, he'll make a go for it. And there you go, A+ showing, the time it happened and you are in the right place. Julian was right to follow the play through and run with it. Tagged and bagged it."

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