Messi on Kun: "We miss him all the time"

As part of an interview with broadcaster TyC Sports in the lead up to the game against Italy, Leo talked about the present of the national team and about Kun's life after retirement. Messi highlighted Sergio "is a special person with a personality that is unlike anyone in the world."

Some highlighted excerpts:

On Kun's retirement:

"The truth is we were unaware of what had happened to him. I saw it from afar, and I didn't fully understand the situation until I talked with him and realized how much worse it could have been. He's a special person, with a personality unlike anyone else in the world, and that's why he was able to take it this way. He's obviously suffered and grieved in private or with his family, but luckily he's found a new way quickly and that's fine. He seems fine, he enjoys what he does, and he does what he pleases because he does what he says and he says what he thinks. After having gone through a situation like that, I suppose that affected him too, and well, he seems well, fortunately."

On the national team:

"We miss him all the time. In my case in particular, as I used to bunk with him, we spent all day together, wake up together, went to sleep at the same time, and the truth is yes, we miss him. I miss him a lot but I think the group misses him too. Even if it was another Kun and he was more collected, his presence couldn't go unnoticed."

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