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Kru esports goes the distance

Fresh off from participating in the Kings League Final Four, Sergio traveled to Germany to support Kruesports' team at the Rocket League World Cup. Next, he flew to Los Ángeles to switch gears and root for the Valorant squad, playing their respective global tournament.

Kun watched the exhilarating performance of his ensembles - with the Rocket League team placing 9th of the 12 best teams worldwide.

During a press conference held in LA, Kun discussed the values that guide the team: “Today, I’m here as the owner, so I try to let the players do their thing. I’m looking to let them keep a cool head, to allow them to have fun, and, most of all, promote mutual respect. That’s what matters the most – after all, it is a team game and every one of them wants to win it. Respect is the cornerstone for success.”

Making a comparison with his professional career, Sergio drew parallels: “when I played, the club needed to be there 24/7. This is no different. The guys are training constantly, they need to eat well, keep a clear mind… the club needs to be there 24/7 to support them so they can have a cool head when they play.”


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