Now, Barcelona

After signing a two year contract, Sergio has been presented officially as the new addition to FC Barcelona's roster. Negotiations sped up during the last hours of Monday, before he returned to Argentina to join the national squad, when Sergio underwent medical check-ups and officialized his signing with the Blaugranas.

Then, in a ceremony presided by Joan Laporta and the rest of the executive team, Kun stepped on Camp Nou's field wearing the blue and red jersey, where he posed for a photo shoot.

Sergio then hosted a press conference, where he expressed his happiness to belong to the "greatest club in the world", and reaffirmed his commitment to give his utmost and obtain major achievements with the rest of his team mates.

These were some of his highlighted statements:

"We all know that Barça is the best team in the world bar noone, and I think it's a solid decision to be here, and to help the team achieve great things, of course."

"When I was a kid, I said to myself, 'Some day, they'll notice me'. And well, here I am! I didn't see it coming and when the chance came up... any player would rush to be over here."

"Obviously, this is one more step in my career. I'm very happy and hopefully I'll be able to make significant contributions to the squad."

"I learned a great number of things when I arrived in Europe, and Atletico helped me a lot. When I moved to Manchester - well, you all know what the Premier League is like -, it really changed the way I play. I have tried many different positions, and I believe I have more or less found a role that defines me by now – I intend to apply the experience I've gathered along the way."

"Negotiations had been in place for some time – whatever Leo's decisions are his to take. It's a pride and a pleasure to play with Messi."

"When we won the Premier League, we went out for dinner with the team and Guardiola said, 'You're going to the best team in the world.' He is a brilliant manager. Hee has helped me grow a lot because he aims for a possession-oriented game, and a striker will take as many chances to score as they can get. It made me better, but it also elevated the whole team."

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