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Alvarez exceeding expectations SAYS Sergio

Sergio Aguero has been delighted by Julian Alvarez’s progress at City.

Our all-time record goal-scorer has been watching his compatriot’s journey closely since he arrived from River Plate last summer.

And who better than to give his opinion on Alvarez’s exploits in sky blue than the man who scored a Club record 260 goals for City in 390 appearances?

“I think he’s developing very well,” said Kun.

“He arrived in the team only very recently, and it’s his first experience in Europe.

“It’s only been a short time, but he’s proven he can play at the highest level – in the Premier League, the Champions League, and the World Cup as well.”

Aguero’s popularity at City remains as high as it ever was, with Argentina star’s exploits woven in the Manchester City’s history books.

He was also one of the most popular players among his team-mates, with a humbleness and work ethic that won him respect and adulation throughout the game.

Sergio believes Alvarez’s personality and similar outlook have been part of the reason he has settled in so quickly at City – and English football.

“I’d highlight his humility, his will to learn, and how he implements those learnings in his life for the things he has done really well since arriving,” said Kun.

“It’s not easy to arrive from South America and adapt quickly to the demands of a team as monumental as City.

“He’s made good progress so far because he found a way to integrate to the Club’s well-structured playing style.

“Julian never lets up - he’s running, pressuring, jumping into action wherever the team needs him to be.

“And he’s ruthless in front of the opposition’s goal. He’s committed, dedicated to training, and he’s able to translate that to great performances on the pitch

“He still needs to gain more experience, but as I’ve said, this is his first season in Europe.

“He’s got new team-mates, a different style of play, new stadiums, and opponents to get used to.

“It’s hard to deny he’s already shown he has the personality to deal with this pressure because I’ve seen players who couldn’t deal with that.

“Even more so when you have a team with major figures, and you have to fight to be part of the main squad.

“As time goes on, I believe we’ll see these talents flourish and he’ll be able to give Manchester City’s supporters many happy memories.”

With Alvarez’s physicality, pace, movement, and powerful finishing style, Aguero admits he sees similarities between the 23-year-old’s game and his own.

“I think I see it the most when I see Julian’s total commitment once he enters the field,” he said.

“He wants to win, he wants to be the best. That's important. After that, we all have our own individual strengths.

“Julian is an inside forward with the ability to cover the whole frontline while keeping good defensive positioning.

“During my last years in professional football, I was strictly a forward, living inside the box, trying to get us ahead of the competition.

“He proved at the World Cup what a talent he is. We all had high hopes, and we knew that if Julian got a chance, he wouldn't let it pass by.

“He truly had an excellent tournament He had no real experience with the national squad, yet when he put on the jersey, it was like he'd worn it his whole life.

“Julian found his way in because Lautaro was injured. But once he was in, he didn't just live up to the expectations, he became a crucial piece of the team.”


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