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"I feel like I'm part of it"

Kun celebrated with the rest of the squad as Argentina got their ticket to World Cup semifinals after coming victorious from a penalty shoot-out with The Netherlands. Sergio experienced the intensity of the match from the stands, and, once the shoot-out had finished, he joined the field and celebrated with his former team-mates.

Later in an ESPN interview, Kun analyzed the game and highlighted the importance of the last penalty shot – stating it was "superbly executed by Lautaro." Sergio was critical of the performance of Spanish referee Mateu Lahoz, but then turned his hope for what's to come, saying: "I joined the celebrations because I feel like I'm part of it. I was there one year ago. These are my team-mates and I wanted to show them my affection and support. I've said this was the key match. Now allow me to get my hopes up."


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