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Joining Leo at Miami

Along his son Benjamin, Kun was present for Leo Messi's presentation at Inter Miami and the open practice held afterwards. He was able to meet his friend, discuss this new stage of his career, and spend some time with Sergio Busquet – another player to have recently arrived to the MLS.

Speaking with the press, Sergio shared how the lead up to the meeting took place: "Leo told me to fire up the grill for the welcome asado – that he'll be arriving really soon. I always told him he'd be welcomed. I can't hide that I was excited for him to come to Miami since that's where I'm living, but I try to focus on keeping cool about this type of matter, not to get too focused on what he'd do."

Kun also highlighted Messi's impact on the league: "He'll change the MLS. Leo's the right player to motivate others to join in too."


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