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Kru esports: historic qualification for the Valorant World Championship

Kru Esports has achieved an impressive milestone – the team's efforts allowed them to qualify for the 2023 Valorant World Championship, their third participation in the tournament. Kun's team won the Americas Last Chance Qualifier with a 3-1 victory over Leviatan, their classic regional rival.

The team was composed by Klaus, NagZ, DaveeyS, KeznitdeuS and Melser, and helmed by Atom and Ddx. The rag-tag squad took the series with each set going 13-5, 8-13, 13-6 and 13-10. This allowed them to join the Round of 16 that will play-off for the ultimate prize of the season.

Sergio reacted live to the games, overflowing with joy as he watched the match play out, and congratulating the team over social networks.

"We're very happy to have achieved this. We knew that the changes we've made had allowed us to find a better flow for our game, but we didn't expect to see such great results so quickly. I've always told the players: 'Enjoying the game comes first'. While we couldn't take the League, they were able to catch a breather and come back strong for the Last Chance Qualifier. They looked stronger together. The were able to improve their teamplay and the results are here for everyone to see," Kun shared over his Twitch channel.

KRÜ was the black horse of the Qualifier, as they had been defeated on the 9 series they played during the American League and had to start the tournament on the bottom bracket. Nevertheless, they took the W each game and obtained a breakthrough qualifier.

The day before the final match against Leviatan, Leo Messi himself posed with a Kru Esports jersey to show his support for his friend's squad.


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